Mortuary Chamber 2 Body PP/PP
Mortuary Chamber 2 Body PP/PP
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General Details:
Mortuary Chamber: 2 Body
Body Finish Inside/Outside: PP/PP
Mortuary chamber Temperature: 4DEG C
Body Carriage System: Yes
Insulation Material: PUF
Insulation Thickness: 60 MM
Mortuary Chamber Door: Overlap Type
Door Quantity: 1
Machine Quantity: 1
Evaporator Finish: Prepainted
Refrigerant gas in units: Not Filled
Refrigrant gas specification: R-22
Piping Insulation free with each machine: 15FT
Electrical Power Supply: 220V/50HZ/01 PH
Despatch time after releasing the order: 30Days
Road Permit Or Way Form: Should be provided by customer if required

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